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The Barclay Curle Complex is a famous Glasgow landmark situated between South Street and the River Clyde. It was built in early 1920’s and designed by Karl Bernhad and John Galt based on a famous Berlin Turbine House design.

The Complex built engines for the Barclay Curle Shipyard adjacent and was latterly known as the North British Engine Works. The iconic Titan Crane, one of four on the Clyde, lifted engines from the main workshop directly into the ships on the Clyde.

In the 1980’s the building was re-purposed as a business and industrial centre.

Bought by the current owners in 2016, it is now a vibrant multi-use Complex incorporating traditional workshop and manufacturing facilities, offices, artists and creative studios and workplaces. There is also a large container storage facility across two sites offering 20 foot steel containers for business or personal storage use.

It covers a 10 acre site and comprises over 150,000 sf of workshops, warehouses and studio/offices.

Industrial Space

The Complex comprises several high bay traditional industrial/storage buildings. These are presently occupied by a wide range of businesses.

Nothing is available at present but any interests or enquires are invited.

Demand for industrial space is high. Please check our available space section for current opportunities.


In what was the former administrative offices for Barclay Curle, the owners have created workspaces and studios generally for artists and the creative community. These range in size from 20m2 – 1000m2 of varying specifications and styles.

Rents range from £200 per month and we generally offer accommodation on an all-inclusive basis to include VAT, utilities, and insurance and so on.

Demand for the space is generally high. Please check our available space section for opportunities.

Titan Storage

Under the Titan Storage brand, we have over 80 steel containers available on month to month leases. Rents range from £125 per month to £140 per month.

Again, demand for these is high but please check for availability.

A vibrant multi-use Complex on the River Clyde.


Andrew Calderwood

Call. 07812 150 070

Wheatley Harris

Call. 07748 358 600
Barclay Curle studio space for rent in Glasgow